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Fui lá ver o review do Senta a pua… Bom, os gringos gostaram. Leiam aí:
‘Hit Them Hard!: The Brazilian Fighter Squadron in World War II’
Directed by Erik de Castro
Not rated, 112 minutes
The fascinating documentary “Hit Them Hard!” (“Senta a Pua!”) focuses on an unusual subject: the Brazilian units that fought in World War II.
Brazil’s ships were being torpedoed by German U-boats – attacks that spurred the country’s entry into war. The Brazilians were so anxious to get into the war that two men argued over who would lead the First Brazilian Fighter Squadron: 32 men who would fly the P-47’s into Italy. Amusingly, the winner, Nero Moura, said his loss would mean nothing because he was just a pilot and the other man was a pilot and an engineer.
Veterans of the Brazilian expeditionary force are interviewed about the country’s involvement, and all the men are polished storytellers.

Since the documentary features them speaking in their native tongue, Portuguese – which means all their stories and reminiscences are subtitled – they have to be compelling raconteurs. And it turns out that they are. (The movie opens today at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater – 155 East Third Street, at Avenue A, East Village – as part of a series paying tribute to Italy.)
The film’s title refers to the squad’s motto, used on its distinctive logo: an angry ostrich standing on a cloud brandishing a flag based on the Brazilian shield.
The logo originated in the squad’s dislocation during its training period in Orlando, Fla., which was worsened by the awful Army food that deprived them of their normal diet. “A Brazilian who doesn’t
eat meat and beans can’t think straight,” says one veteran, Maj. Gen. Joel Miranda, with a laugh.
The men eventually got used to the food and ate everything in sight; they were nicknamed ostriches, for the bird that will eat anything, and turned the sobriquet into their logo. The red background is meant to be “the sky of war,” remarks Maj. Gen. Fortunato Camara de Oliveira.
The director, Erik de Castro, realizes that his picture rests on the charisma of the veterans, who are his stars. So he encourages them to let their remembrances unfold in an intriguing fashion. He crosscuts among the men, letting them complete one another’s stories.
It’s a very smart tactic because each of the participants’ perspectives adds weight and intrigue. This technique also demonstrates the bond between the former fliers, who were all filmed in separate locations.
“Youngsters in whose hearts grew a feeling of revolt,” says the dignified Maj. Gen. Newton Neiva de Figueiredo, who is also the most thoughtful member of the group. He is the first interviewed and gives the last comment, too. “We were all equal and combatants with one single goal, and that was victory,” he says, concluding “Hit Them Hard!” with a potent and honest sentiment that stays with you.
Legal.. :))) Parabéns pros manos brazucas, que conseguiram produzir um documentário tão bem feito. 🙂