Sampa under attack

All your base are belong to us.
Sad. Scary. Revolting.
(e este vai ser um texto em inglês pra não encher essa meleca de palavrões, e outras observações menos gentis).

All your base are belong to us
This is now the motto of the criminal gang self called PCC.
News comes from radio, TV, internet, and are not consistent. Some says there’ll be an order from the police to everybody stay at home after 8 p.m.
State is no longer in charge, is how we feel it. About 100 strikes against districts, firestations, metro stations, more than 60 buses burned down. What started as an action against the law enforcement is now a deliberated strike agains civilian targets. Buses are off duty, as the police can’t assure their safety. Shopping centers, malls, downtown shops and business are all closing.
In other words, we’re all scared, and will be obliged to stay safe (!!!??), I mean, imprisioned at our homes.
War times.
The fact is we, that live here in Sao Paulo, had never seen and felt this way before. It’s kinda strange, as this city is huge, with more than 15 million people, 1.500 square km. I could never imagine a situation like this, as the criminal are striking (we are still under attack) in several places, in various ways.
Home-made incendiary bombs, automatic guns, machine guns, pistols; all sort of fireguns are being used. And the worst, it seems that it’s not restrict to the city. Some of the nearby cities are suffering from the same sort of attacks.
It’s a shame. We all pay our taxes (at least some of them), and we deserve safety.
I’ll try to keep writing from home.
Cya and be safe.

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NorMay 15th, 2006 at 18:44

Teste de segurança!

NorMay 15th, 2006 at 18:45


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TesteMay 15th, 2006 at 19:12